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Simple Cremations

Simple & Affordable Cremation Service Quote for the Bay Area Starting at $995.00


Losing a loved one is very difficult. We are deeply sorry for your recent loss and hope to help you through this critical time.

You should know there are many options available to you at this time and some come with greater costs than others. Deer Creek has been helping individuals and families make affordable cremation accommodations for loved ones for over 40 years and we wish to help you as well.

Before you contact a Deer Creek professional you should know there are necessary documents that we will need in order to help the process along. These are available for download in the left sidebar. In addition to gathering the necessary information you should begin to think about the following:

  • Obituary Notices
  • Notifying the Social Security Administration
  • Military Discharge Forms
  • Memorial Service Location
  • Cremation or Traditional Burial
  • Urn or Casket Selection
  • Location of Cremated Remains or Burial Site

What is the cheapest way to be cremated? 

The cheapest way to be cremated is through a direct cremation. "Direct" means that you would not want a funeral or memorial service, because those extras will cost more money. Direct cremation is cheaper than a traditional funeral. In this case, there is no ceremony or viewing of the body, and the family simply has the ashes returned to them in a container after cremation. Families can choose to book direct cremation with a funeral home and many offer discounts for pre-planning.

How direct cremation works? 

A body is cremated using heat to reduce it down to fragmented pieces. The first step in this process involves having the family authorize their loved one’s remains for cremation by signing an official document provided by funeral homes.

As soon as the body is prepared for cremation, its jewelry and other personal items are removed. Medical devices like pacemakers can also be safely disposed of in this way to avoid any potential hazards during the process.

The body is placed in a cremation container constructed from sturdy cardboard or wicker. An identification tag is attached to the remains so that they can be identified properly after all this romanticism has been put on them!

The body is placed in the cremation chamber and preheated. Temperatures inside change are anywhere from 1800 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which guarantees that your loved one's remains will be fully incinerated after about 2 hours of burning time! After the bones have cooled, they're compacted and broken down until it becomes dense sand-like material. A magnet is then used to remove any metal pieces that were not destroyed by heat before transferring them into an urn or temporary container for safekeeping.

Benefits of Direct Cremation Services

  • More Affordable: Cost is always an important factor when planning a service for your loved one. In many cases, cremation services are often less expensive than traditional burial arrangements and may also be preferred by family members who want to avoid any additional expenses like embalming or purchasing coffins at such times of loss.
  • More Time to Plan: Cremation is a popular choice when you want to avoid the hassle and expenses that come with an urn. Direct cremations allow families more time in planning memorial services. Cremations take less space than traditional burials, which means you can have your service in some areas that were difficult before due to limited landmass while still being close enough if there are other family members or friends who want their private moment during this very emotional period following death.
  • Simplicity: The process is simple because no traditional service with formal visitation takes place before cremation and there's never need to dress the deceased for a 'viewing' which would typically require preparation of clothes, casket, vault, and headstone expenses that are not necessary when opting for direct cremation.

What are the differences between traditional cremation and direct cremation?

Traditional cremation involves a multi-step process that usually includes cleansing, cosmetics, and conducting the funeral. This period can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days after the death with various traditions concerning rituals for farewell, remembrances of life, or celebrating things they shared with this person in their life.

In direct cremation, there is no funeral or any similar ceremony. The body is simply taken to a facility where it is then incinerated with other bodies on site. For this reason, direct cremation tends to be less expensive than traditional cremation because family members don't have to buy flowers for a service they won't attend, and the preparation of the deceased doesn't require as much time or expertise from professionals.

How to Arrange a Direct Cremation?

Direct cremations are a popular option for those who want to avoid the expense and hassle of conventional funeral services. There's no need to use an expensive plot or hire someone else when you can have your loved one handled with care by professionals in their own home country! The services offered include:

  • Transportation - Crematorium operators and funeral homes will pick up your loved one from wherever he died and proceed on his journey through crematory doors.
  • Paperwork – To cremate your loved one, you will need to prepare and file the necessary paperwork with a jurisdiction. This includes getting an official death certificate as well as any required permits or licenses for the transport of bodies within that area.
  • Casket – Family members can purchase a casket for their loved one to be cremated in, but if the family member doesn't want it then they will accept any that does.
  • Cremation - Is the process of subjecting human remains to intense heat, to reduce them to small particles.
  • Receiving of cremated ashes - After the cremation process, your loved one's remains are stored in an urn or box and returned to you.

Deer Creek Funeral Service is licensed in the State of California and a member of the Better Business Bureau. Deer Creek has also been helping individuals make critical arrangements for over 18 years.


* See our Price List for cremation services and fees. Ask a Deer Creek representative for full details. Get a quote today, it's easy, it's free.

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Deer Creek needs your authorization to assist with a recent loss of life. If you need immediate help please call our 24/7 office number at 510-317-7890

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