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Funeral Home Services and Cremations in Walnut Creek, CA

Important Details for Funeral Home Services and Cremations in Walnut Creek, CA


Deer Creek Funeral Homes has been in the funeral services industry for more than 4 decades. We have been serving the Bay Area and its neighboring cities with pride in providing the most cost-effective cremation packages for your loved one. Our professional staff is always available in creating a long-lasting tribute and help you throughout this difficult time.

We at Deer Creek Funeral Homes always make way to help you with your loss and will provide you all the wishes and requirements that match your budget. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. If you need our services immediately, please call us at (925) 934-9000. We will begin the process of bringing your loved one into our care right away.

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What are the decisions that need to be considered when you are planning a funeral for someone that you love? As you are evaluating your options, it is essential that you learn more about the industry. This information gives you the strength that is needed to choose the funeral package that is a good fit for your loved one. The best way to gain the necessary information is by talking to an experienced funeral home about services and cremations in Walnut Creek, CA.

Deer Creek Funeral Service is here to assist during every step of the funeral planning process. Since we’ve been serving the Bay area residents for many years, we know the best solutions to ensure the outcome of the event. Our team is on call to answer your questions and guide the discussion about the funeral packages that are offered.We are working hard to offer flexible services that can be catered to your preferences and desires.

Consultation with a Funeral Home about Cremations in Walnut Creek, CA

If you have decided that cremation is a good choice, why should you talk to a funeral home in the area? A full funeral home will offer options and advice, ensuring that you receive services that are customized based on your requests. 

At Deer Creek Funeral Service, we offer a free consultation with every family that would like to learn about the options offered in the industry. This meeting is a time for you to learn about your options and compare the packages and services that are available. We are working to provide information without making you feel like you are pressured into a decision. The goal is to customize the services so that you are satisfied with the results that are achieved.

During this consultation, it is a great time for you to learn about the details of the various funeral packages. For example, do you want to design a funeral around the traditions and customs of your family and religion? We can accommodate your desires to hold a funeral in a local church. This service can be paired with a burial or cremation based on your preferences.

At the same time, we also offer the support required if you choose direct cremation instead of traditional funeral services. This basic cremation package is a great way to save money and simplify the planning process at the same time. Some people don’t want the stress and headache of a large, formal funeral service. So, direct cremation is a great alternative to consider.

Preplanning for Services in the Future

Often, funeral planning is started when a death occurs, leaving the family in a situation where the details need to be addressed right away. We have the resources and systems in place to support your needs for these immediate services. Our team at Deer Creek Funeral Service are always on call to make sure that you have the support that is needed during this time.

But, you don’t have to wait until a funeral is scheduled before talking to a funeral home about cremations in Walnut Creek, CA.Why not prepare for the future by discussing your options with our experienced team? We’re happy to help you compare the funeral packages so that you have a detailed plan in place.

This approach is the perfect way to eliminate the stress left on your family after you are gone. When it is time to schedule the funeral, our team at Deer Creek Funeral Service will have all of the information on file for the funeral plan. We’ll ensure that everything matches your desires and requests.

Preplanning allows you to choose the services that match your personality. Plus, pre-planned funerals are usually cheaper compared to immediate services. Determining the details of the event inadvance means that you can reduce costs by designing the funeral without the pressure of grief and heavy emotions. Plus, you can lock in the pricing for today’s funeral packages, instead of leaving your family members to face the higher costs in the future.

You will feel good knowing that you are proactive to design funeral services for yourself. Even if you are in great health right now, unexpected circumstances can happen. Preparing for the future means that you can live the rest of your life in peace knowing that you’ve done everything you could to take care of your loved ones, even after you are gone.

Deer Creek Funeral Service offers funeral home services and cremations in Walnut Creek, CA. We’re available to answer your questions and assist with anything that is needed for your family. We invite you to schedule a consultation or visit our nearest office:1200 Mt Diablo Blvd Ste 107, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. Contact us anytime: (925) 934-9000

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

What are the responsibilities of a funeral director? 

  • Conducting the arrangement conference
  • Planning the funeral
  • Consulting the family and the clergy
  • Shelter of remains
  • Preparing and filling up necessary notices
  • Obtaining necessary authorizations and permits
  • Coordinating with the cemetery, crematory, or other third parties.

Why is it important to refrigerate embalmed remains? 

It is required by Health & Safety code to help prevent the immediate decomposition of the cadaver. The body should remain refrigerated up to five days prior to burial or cremation.

What is the price range of caskets? 

Adult caskets start between $695 - $3,995. Other option such as alternative container is at $75 - $150, ang rental casket price is $1095. Learn More.

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